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"Less taxes"
Read the Bill

I owe no political machine anything.
I owe no industry anything.

Don't Send a Dime! Just tell a friend.

With your help I can become President of the United States of America without spending a fortune, in fact almost without spending a dime. The future is here. We have the tools that make it possible. We just have to use them. Together we can show our friends, our nation, and the world that money does not control everything. That's a revolution that many have called for and I enthusiastically second that call.

I favor the revolution now, to create the future we have been dreaming of, to the revolt later, that merely destroys what came before.

Join the revolution. Recruit a friend.

Set a fundraising record!

Pennies vs   Millions of dollars

Spend LESS money than any president elected in a century!

Send an independent to Washington to save us from both major parties. Barack Obama was never going to be that person. Mitt Romney was certainly not that person. Who out there is that person?
Here's what I will do.

Shall we be a nation?

This is the most important single question that confronts us today. There are many others very important, even critical, but the answers to them flow almost entirely from the answer to this one.

If we are determined to behave as a nation, not just a mob who happen to live in the same country, we can strike a reasonable balance between our conservative and liberal impulses, and achieve economic and social greatness we can barely imagine at present.

-------------------------------- Older, discontinued approaches -------------------------------------------

"I Wannall Your Votes!"

If you came here for Drill Here/Drill Now/Save Lives, click here

Left and Right: All that's missing is the brain.

One of these things is not like the others:

Political Discourse

Words I live by: If you do not undersand how your opponent could be right, you will never understand where he is wrong. Opposing views do for ideas what left and right eyes do for vision, what left and right ears to for hearing. When correlated by the brain, they allow for detection of depth and direction not possible when information comes from just one side.

If you want to live in Flatland forever, keep letting the extremists in both parties hijack all discussion and policy-making forever. Or for as long as the country lasts, which won't be that much longer.

Let's set a fundraising record!

Pennies vs   Millions of dollars

How about raising and spending LESS money than any other candidate in modern history? Of course it's only a record if I also get elected, but that would be my approach. I think we've had a little more than enough of everyone spending more and more of their time raising money and pandering for longer and longer periods of time, and spending amounts of money that put the entire enterprise out of the reach of any normal person. Well, if you play by the usual rules. Run like hell. Pump everyone in sight for another dollar. Solicit! Solicit! Solicit!

How about proving that a campaign is within the reach of anyone with enough money to set up a website and enough skill to type on a webpage. Let's do the whole thing with the tools that were supposed to bring unlimited power to communicate to everyone. It seemes to me that they have. I think it's time to set the standard that these tools constitute not just a different way, but a better way.

Call it Sense versus Dollars.

Every time a politician takes a day away from his or her paid job doing the work you elected him or her to do, and uses that day to go campaign for the next term, stand up and offer a giant, noisy raspberry. Personally, I'm tired of paying people to campaign for their next job.

Rick Perry - Right State, Wrong Rick

There are good reasons that Texas might produce the next president of the United States. We are independent minded, self-reliant to a high degree. We like fairness and we like spirit and determination to succeed. Many of us also respect and study science and have no problem distinguishing between actual science (Evolutionary Theory) and that which is presented using scientific jargon in the hopes of appearing scientific (Intelligent Design). To give Rick Perry et al the benefit of the doubt, I will stipulate that they are being fed information intended to confuse the issue. Having said that, the President of the United States must be more aware of the issues involved and be not only willing but also able to point out what is and isn't science and why he or she thinks so. When you consider your choice of a Rick from Texas to be your choice for President, go with the one that respects individual beliefs but is clear on what is and isn't science. Evolutionary Theory is. Creationism isn't. Both should be taught, but not as science.

Drill Here.

Drill Now.

Save Lives.

This is from my old website,, where I put this up in June of 2008. Still works for me.

My "Drill Here, Drill Now, Save Lives" "campaign" is also a video on YouTube. Click here to see it.

June 21, 2008

graphic: Drill Here.  Drill Now.  Save Lives.  An alternative to Newt Gingrich's slogan (Drill Here.  Drill Now.  Pay Less.)

(Compare to the original at

Newt Gingrich says “Drill Here. Drill Now. Pay Less.”

(This text is unchanged from the June 2008 posting except removal of unrelated final paragraph.)

OK. Paying less is good. I wouldn’t mind. But drilling here, even starting tomorrow, is not likely to lower prices at the pump significantly or soon.

(On the opposite side, I can’t help noticing that within about 4 days of Bush announcing that he supports drilling here we get an announcement from Saudi Arabia that they will pump more. Hmmmm.) (Yet another note on this, added June 23: I can't help noticing that an "an unusual summit" Saudi Arabia has pledged to produce more oil now and add capacity for the long term. See Wall Street Journal, June 23, "Saudis Promise More Oil to Curb World-Wide Fears". Hmmmm again.)

Anyway, I’m all for paying less, but it is not THE reason for drilling. Suppose the price went down this afternoon. Now it’s only $2.00. Do we want to send that money where it’s going these days, regardless of how much it is? I don’t.

So, for me the real point is that in the long run we save lives, several ways: If drilling here does send a signal and causes prices to drop, we send less money to hostile groups bent on our destruction. If they are less successful at fundraising, they will be less popular, or at least less effective. Either one works in our favor.

If we are less dependent on those hostile sources, no one can turn one spigot off and put our economy completely in the toilet, which could pretty much happen now, though it might actually have to be two or three spigots. In any event, if our economy remains strong, we can keep our focus on the main task, which is making sure that we conquer the threat facing us from extremist Islam.

Speaking of threat: The best parallel I've heard is the KKK, for several reasons. I'll write more about that in the next article.

Where's the US Flag?  U.S. flag, international symbol 'forbidden', question mark.  No flags allowed?  Well, tiny ones are okay.

Take a look at some important home pages. How do you have a home page for a branch or department of the US Government and not see the American flag proudly and prominently displayed? In fact, in most cases from my sampling, not displayed at all! And it's not just one. Or two. Or three. Take a look.

Yin & Yang, Tension & Contraction, Parent & Child, Conservative & Liberal, [insert your pair here]

I am a proponent of modeling our solutions to problems as dynamic equilibria. Opposing forces, when properly balanced, sustain a resilient structure that can be temporarily stressed away from equilibrium, but which always resonates around that balanced state. Without continued stress, it will return to its balanced state eventually.

Conservative and liberal approaches are not mortal enemies, doomed to be either victor or vanquished. They are opposing tendencies, some reasonable balance of which is the only hope we have of achieving and maintaining a robust, self-correcting structure for our nation.

Recommended reading:

  • From Dawn to Decadence; Jacques Barzun
  • The Scientists (British title); John Gribbin, Adam Hook
  • The Rise and Fall of Alexandria: Birthplace of the Modern World;Justin Pollard and Howard Reid
  • From Beirut to Jerusalem; Thomas L. Friedman
  • What Went Wrong?: The Clash Between Islam and Modernity in the Middle East; Bernard Lewis
  • Through Our Enemies' Eyes; Michael Scheuer
  • The Crisis of Islam: Holy War and Unholy Terror; Bernard Lewis
  • The Ingenious Gentleman of La Mancha, Don Quixote; Miguel Cervantes-Saavedra (tr. Putnam)
  • Tom Jones; Henry Fielding
  • Newsletter: The Underground Grammarian; Richard Mitchell
  • Less Than Words Can Say; Richard Mitchell
  • The Leaning Tower of Babel; Richard Mitchell
  • Annus Mirabilis; Mary Gribbin, John Gribbin
  • The Graves of Academe; Richard Mitchell
  • 1984; George Orwell
  • The Tyranny of Words; Stuart Chase

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One of the penalties of not participating in politics is that you will be governed by your inferiors. - Plato (maybe, at least a lot of people think so.)

Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed. - Martin Luther King, Jr.

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